About Me

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Chewy Mama

Not Quite Crunchy

I consider myself somewhat crunchy. I have done my time with cloth diapers and canning, but my life currently does not include the full on CRUNCH. Organic food, all natural cleaning and beauty products, no dyes, home schooling, and gluten free are included in our life style. This is a solo gig for me and my special needs children.

Our Journey

I began my journey many years ago as I fulfilled my dream to adopt. In 2003, I became a foster parent and eventually adopted a set of twins. Again in 2010 and 2018 I adopted two other girls.

All of my adopted children have different learning abilities that make each day a new challenge. Along with their learning challenges, they each have other emotional, social, physical and learning struggles.

I’m a solo mama with four special needs children adopted from foster care. Every day is a new challenge that brings me closer to the Lord.
Four of my six children still live at home.

If you peek into our home, you will see that we are an all-natural, mostly organic, oil loving, Plexus taking family.