Our Foster Journey

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The Calling

Nearly every foster parent has heard the statement “I have thought about fostering but I’m afraid I would get too attached.”

My response is always- “then you shouldn’t foster!” 

Foster children need families that are willing to love them like their own. You cannot love a child like they belong in your family if you are not willing to let yourself get attached to them; to be willing to mourn when they leave. 

Foster children need adults that will cry when they leave so that they can feel loved in a way they have likely never felt.

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The Twins

The twins came to me directly from the hospital as newborns. They were 18 months at adoption. Many delays, medical issues, behavior issues and cognitive delays have been treated with numerous medical and therapy appointments.


Babydoll came from the hospital at 2 days old. Her case took 26 months to finalize. Her struggles with behavior and attachment have been addressed through therapies.


Jellybean came at 2 months old from a situation of neglect. Her case ended when she was 2 years and 2 months. She receives feeding, speech, occupational and physical therapy as well as medical treatments for other issues.

How to become a foster parent

The first step is to decide between state run foster care and private fostering

Make the call

Once you have decided which agency you are going to use to foster, make the call. Let them know you are interested in becoming a foster parent. Most agencies will do a phone or home interview to quickly assess your ability to provide a safe home for children.

Know your limits

Foster children need more than just to be loved. Children in the foster system have been harmed in one way or another. It will take more than just a big hug and words or affection. Do your research and understand what kinds of children you would feel comfortable having in your home and around your family,

Prepare for the Home study

Most state agencies require you to take foster classes which will be set up after your initial assessment. After the classes, you will be assigned a home study writer. The writer will be collecting your paperwork, doing an interview of everyone in the home and checking your home for safety issues.