Learning Language Arts Through Literature

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This week’s curriculum review spotlight is on Learning Language Arts Through Literature, also referred to as LLATL. Though there are varying levels, I focused on The Gold Book American Literature for high schoolers.

The Details

Learning Language Arts Through Literature, The Gold Book is written by Greg Strayer. Though there are levels ranging from 1st grade through high school, this level is geared towards high school ages and focuses on American Literature.

This LLATL can be consumable but works best if the answers are written in a separate notebook. This allows your student has ample room to write out their sentences. You will find a teacher’s section included in the back of the high school level books so you will not need a separate teacher’s edition. Grading can be easily done from this section but a basic knowledge is helpful in leading a discussion with your student.

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What I like about Learning Language Arts Through Literature


Learning Language Arts Through Literature offers a great product for a great price. I found that you can purchase most levels either alone or as a set which includes the books needed to complete the material. Often you can find these extra books in a typical home school library. They can usually be checked out at a local library as well. The students will need the books to complete the material.

Though I feel the curriculum is missing the grammar component of language arts, it does a very good job of covering all other areas. Story elements like conflict, setting, plot, etc. are well covered. I would recommend adding Easy Grammar for a complete language arts curriculum.

You will be able to give students plenty of opportunities to practice writing in Learning Language Arts Through Literature while exposing them to classic reading material.

Feels like FUN or feels like SCHOOL?

This one probably leans closer to feeling like school. A student who loves reading may find the material more enjoyable than struggling readers. There are not many hands-on learning opportunities at this level; however, there are a variety of ways the author presents the material.

Find this and other levels here

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